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What is an Environmental Approval?
An environmental approval is absolutely essential for most businesses to operate legally in Ontario. Any business with operations resulting in contaminants being released into the environment must first apply to receive an approval to operate. This is especially important for manufacturing, engineering, commercial and industrial businesses due to the nature of the operating processes and the levels of contaminants that can result. It is important to note that noise and vibration are also considered contaminants under the definition used by the Ministry of the Environment. The definition also includes traditional types of pollutants that may be released into the air, land or water.
The Ministry of the Environment is the governing body in Ontario responsible for granting and registering environmental approvals. The purpose of requiring businesses to apply for approval allows the Ministry to enforce the Environmental Protection Act and control the amount of pollutants that are released into the environment. It also serves to ensure businesses are held liable for any types of spills and other environmental violations.
Securing Environmental Approval in Ontario
There are two main methods for securing an environmental approval to operate in the province. In order to secure approval, a business must prove it can operate in compliance with the regulations in place to protect air quality and control noise pollution.
There are some common systems that have been tested and recognized as operating within approved guidelines by the Ministry of the Environment. In order to make the environmental approval process more streamlined, businesses can register the systems with the Environmental Activities and Sector Registry (EASR) to secure a permit for those approved systems if all of the Activity and Operating Requirements are achieved. EASR is available for the following systems in Ontario:
  • Heating systems;
  • Standby power systems (such as generators);
  • Automotive finishing facilities;
  • Lithographic, screen and digital printing facilities;
  • Small solar facilities; and
  • Non-hazardous waste transportation.
All systems and processes that fall outside of those contained in the EASR registry must be explicitly approved with an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). This formal approval replaces the previous method of approval called the Certificate of Approval (C of A). The levels of emissions, including noise and vibration, must be tested independently and the audit must be included in the paperwork required for the application. The Ministry of the Environment will analyze the application and verify that the levels of contaminants are at an acceptable limit to operate within the province.
Environmental and Acoustic Consultants
Environmental and acoustic consultants are vital to the operation of many businesses in Ontario. These professionals are typically responsible for conducting the various types of emissions testing and preparing the audit information for businesses applying for an ECA approval. They can also help businesses register their systems with the EASR.
When choosing an environmental consulting company it is important to find a company that offers a wide range of services. It is important that the company you choose delivers quality services for great value since the testing and audits may have to be repeated in order to maintain the environmental approval.
Trust a reputable environmental consulting company in Ontario for all of your environmental approval needs.
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